The breeze against my skin reminded me that I was finally free. Among the trees I felt safe with my feet knitted between the crushed leaves on the cool soil. Run. Breathe. Escape. The wind passed through my curls leaving whispers for me to hear. They said it was time to take flight but only during the night. With one swoop my arms braced onto the base of a large tree. With all my momentum, it captured me. The rough bark against my skin told me that this was not my sin. As the branches swayed above I remembered Charlie with the golden dove. He told me our bodies were only temporary in this world and that someday our Father would come for us. He said not to cry when we look to the sky for the bodies that hang are only there to sing the songs we all sang. “Freedom is coming and rejoicing is near. That is why you must run my dear.” I ran through the night on feet blistered and sore. I ran through the night till I could soar. Brave was my heart but young were my years. I had to escape for my mother feared. “You are too head strong and outspoken for our kind. Someday the Master will begin to mind. I have dreams for you my darling sweat pea.” But what are dreams when they are covered in soot, locked up, and choked out until they puke? What are dreams if your only colors are black? Faded, left out, and unwanted at that. A tear I won’t shed on this journey of mine. I push off of the tree as I begin to see mine. With every pound of my heart, I begin to see art. The colors of the world that have been spread so far apart. Run. Jump. Leap. Over every hurdle I must keep, my body in motion to avoid drowning in this sea of commotion. Someday I will be free and on that day I will be me.


Author: TheSingleCurl25

Just your not so typical smiling, bubbly single mom with a whirl of curls and an attitude to match it!

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