5 Minutes Separated Us

It’s 6:25pm. I check my phone nervously as I peer out the window onto the city. It’s beautiful. My heart flutters and I glance down attempting to conceal my smile. I touch my hair ensuring no curl has gotten out of place as I turn my music up.  I want to drown out the beating of my heart as it sounds louder today than it has ever before. 6:26pm. “Hello, how are you?” No, that’s too generic. “Hey, nice to meet you.” No, that will only sound like we are two strangers in the passing. My lips roll over each other as I begin to gentle press them together, and I’m distracted from the role play of niceties repeating in my head. 6:27pm My eyes shift to my phone and my lungs thirst for more air. My hands tingle and my stomach begins to dance. Only 3 minutes remain between you and me. My head is fluttered with thoughts of our first embrace. What will it feel like. Press into me and feel me breath. Hear my heart as it spills my secrets to you. I smile, but this time it’s not hidden. 6:28pm. My hand reaches for my bag as my phone plays the song that I know could only be meant for you. A text reads “I’m here” and I squeal. This is it. Could it be that there is an us. The sun is setting and this ride has come to an end. 6:29pm. I stand in the aisle as anticipation washes over me. My mind is in a daze, and I take one last big breath as I step down onto the platform. This is really happening. Here. Now. No turning back. 6:30pm. “Hi!” I smile. You smile. And our story begins.


Author: TheSingleCurl25

Just your not so typical smiling, bubbly single mom with a whirl of curls and an attitude to match it!

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