Three Gifts

1920x1080 Wallpaper man, field, cloak, pilgrim, black, scary

Quite a long time ago on a cold autumn day three little girls were born.  Upon the ripe age of three they were visited by a rather tall stranger in a large black cloak. His hair was an entanglement of grey wool spinning out in every which way and his loafers appeared to have been constructed around his feet as the seams were pulled tight. He opened his cloak and presented the girls with three gifts.The first gift was a small box wrapped in brown heavy paper with a sword in metallic gold on the top. The second gift was a large white envelope with a bright red seal pressed tight marking a dove. The third gift was a purple package splattered with delightful colors over a small silver shield. As each girl selected a gift the man warned in a voice heavy like ash that the girls must never inquire among each other as to what their gift contained. As the rather tall man began to fade as he stepped deeper into the woods the girls at once spread out to open their gifts among the woods.

The youngest girl pressed the large white envelope to her chest as she ran through the woods that caught pieces of her dress along the edges. She sat in a field where the sun peaked through the clouds onto her golden brown locks. With a squeal she opened the large white envelope at once to discover it to be filled with a tiny faint flakes of gold. She had never seen such a thing before and sprinkled it all over as it gleamed in the sunlight.

The oldest girl hide the small brown box under her sweater as she made her way down by the stream bank. Sitting on a collection of leaves she allowed her toes to spread wide into the cool mud. Very carefully her small fingers unwrapped the brown heavy paper ensuring the metallic gold sword kept its sparkle. Upon opening the box a small orb of glowing light danced around her creating falling streams of enchantment.

The second oldest girl still stood right where the rather tall man in the large black cloak had handed her the gift. Her eyes meticulously scanned the area before smoothing her dress out to sit in the lush grass. She slowly passed the weight of the purple package back and forth between the palms of her little hands. After careful study of the packing detail she unwrapped it in a hurry. Eager to know what the package contained a puff of smoke was emitted that covered her eyes. In this haze the world was immediately filled with bright colors and delightful sensations.

At dusk the girls returned home at once. Neither spoke a word as to what they had received. Days turned to months as the months crept into years. The girls were older and much wiser now. Neither had breathed word of that day upon the hill but the girls’ souls grew impatient. The youngest much desperately desired to know what it was that had forever changed her sisters’ lives. From this her soul was being robbed and her youth was diminishing.

For what the youngest couldn’t see in herself was everything she had ever wanted to be. Brave like her oldest sister and enchanting like the next. But comparison was a thief of joy and robbed hers like a net. Caught up a world of mystery desiring to know every turn never appreciating life because she could only see the thorns. Like a rose was her beauty but too soon was she plucked and by the river she lay running out of luck. Till the clouds covered her soul and the sun felt cool in the wind the strange now old man had appeared once again. My darling why are you sad he asked her in this way. To which she had replied what is this game you had us play? Open your eyes for you can see that each gift was not a mystery. All gifts held the same magic inside, no tricks or poor folly was I trying to hide. You see each of you is different, unique in how you feel and these gifts well they too were just as real. For each of you felt something different, a spark it did ignite for in your soul it planted a seed that very night. And as you grew your hearts have hungered for a truth to become true but now I have these words to say which Is that the magic all along was in each one of you.


Author: TheSingleCurl25

Just your not so typical smiling, bubbly single mom with a whirl of curls and an attitude to match it!

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