Love is

Love is sharing a smaller than small could ever be kitchen.

Love is kissing through the heartache after being diagnosed with cancer.

Love is hugging away the fears about what the future may bring.

Love is NOT throwing away your partner’s large cardboard hoarding collection that sits behind your couch.

Love is making blackberry jam at 10:30pm and not having enough jars to put it all in.

Love is NOT asking your lovely partner if he’s using too much salt everytime he cooks.

Love is whispering goodnight everynight into your partner’s ears and him waiting to kiss you afterwards.

Love is pretending to be asleep when your partner comes in to say goodbye before he leaves for work.

Love is watching a romantic movie and always picturing your partner as the main hot character instead.

Love is hurtful words you wish you could take back.

Love is wishing you never got sick because now you have to see your partner suffer as he stands by your side through it all.

Love is never wanting to be apart.

Love is love.


Author: TheSingleCurl25

Just your not so typical smiling, bubbly single mom with a whirl of curls and an attitude to match it!

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