Unboxing of the Honest Company Free Diaper Trial

Unboxing of the Honest Company Free diaper and wipes trial as well as their home essentials trial.


My free trial box from the Honest Company arrived back in April. I combined the diaper and wipes trial with the home essentials trial and still only paid $5.95 for shipping.

I’ve known about their free trial offers but have never been too excited about it because I had tried some of their diapers in the past and wasn’t a big fan. We felt like they were too stiff. But since I could combine the order I decided to try again. I can’t say that I didn’t get a little over excited about being able to choose some cute designs.
So this is what comes in the box when you open it.


It also includes a little welcome sheet and a package order slip but I just wanted to show you the products. The inside of their boxes are really cute as well and include a cute little thank you printed on the bottom.

It came with 7 diapers.


Online it let’s you choose up to 6 diaper designs that you would like. However, they messed up on my order and gave me one blank diaper and one covered in skulls. 😦


It included 10 wipes as well.


The home essential bundle included



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