I remember

I remember sitting with my back against my headboard. My head hurt. A lot. My face was wet from crying so much. I remember the lights seemed as though they were flickering. I think it was because I was about to blackout. I just kept hitting my head against the back of the headboard faster and harder. Each time I thought maybe I would die if I just hit it a little bit harder. Maybe I would feel better living in the afterlife. Maybe I wouldn’t have to feel anything anymore. The pain became numb and my head became dizzy. Just 1 more year living here and I will be free. I can go anywhere and do anything. I won’t have to ever come back. The tears blurred my eyes but the bright lights from my room still came in through the cracks of my eyelids. I got out of bed, shut off the lights, and buried my face in the blankets that kept all of my sorrow.


Author: TheSingleCurl25

Just your not so typical smiling, bubbly single mom with a whirl of curls and an attitude to match it!

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